As a company we have a duty not only to current our customers and employees, but also to those in the future. Protecting the environment means protecting the future. This means meeting the needs of today’s people with our products and services, as well as as an employer, without sacrifying expectations for future generations.

Energy consumption forms an constantly important part of this situation, so we systematically record and follow our consumption, set ambitious savings goals and develop application-specific solutions for better energy efficiency. Our energy management system will continue to play a central role in our efforts to save resources and establish an environmental awareness approach at each stage of our business. We are committed to ambitious environmental goals through first environmental considerations of products and processes, raw material recycling, waste separation and measures to reduce energy consumption. As a development partner to our customers, we offer innovative ideas and solutions reducing weight and energy consumption. Effective combining techniques for light weight structures, minimizing part counts through technical recommendations, and the use of environmentally appropriate materials are our cornerstones for reducing emission levels and protecting resources.